by on November 19, 2021
In order to attract sponsors, you must increase your interest in "My Brand". In addition to the capability parameters that the character has, it will include additional "My Brand" values? These values can include "fashion" or NBA 2K22 MT Coins "music". The task or game is completed. This value will accrue the user experience and will increase the level. The "personal interest"-style abilities are mostly employed to get sponsors. When the value reaches one level, the character can sign with th...
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by on August 14, 2021
Shot Contests The Shot Contests NBA 2K20 launched a brand new shot contest system that relied on NBA 2K22 MT Coins different criteria than previous years. The previous shot contest system was an attacker-side system, and it was difficult for the defense to stop. The new contest system is based on the defender's proximity to the attacker. This new method made perimeter defense more effective. It was very difficult to shoot perimeter shots. It was easier to balance offensive and defensive. Layu...
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