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As for now, FIFA 23 players will need to wait until the developers officially confirm the release of the Team of the Season.

Until then, you can check out what players you may expect from FIFA 23 rsquos FUT Birthday Team 2 squad!FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT Players & Heroes Upgrade Tracker

FUT Fantasy players are dynamic live items meaning they can upgrade over time and this FIFA 23 FUT Fantasy upgrade tracker will keep you up to date on how close each player is to receiving a boost.

While this article contains all the players for FUT Fantasy, you can check out the full base stats for the players here!

Win 1 Game ndash +1 inform boost (Players amp Heroes)3 Appearances ndash +1 inform boost (Players Only)Score or Assist Twice ndash +1 inform boost (Players Only)2 Clean Sheets ndash +1 inform boost (Players Only)The team goes unbeaten ndash +1 inform boost amp 3 new traits (Players amp Heroes)Fantasy FUT Upgrade FAQsDo Players Need to Play to Receive FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT Upgrades?
Yes and no. For one of the four upgrade criteria, players do not need to feature in games as it is a team-based objective.

Players do not need to feature in matches to receive the unbeaten upgrade. However, they will need to feature for the win one game and of course, the appearances, goals, assists, or clean sheets boost.

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