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The Animal Crossing series takes players to various places. From tropical islands with new horizons to small towns with folk customs. Before the game is officially opened, most players will choose a living area similar to real-life based on their own life experience. Most players prefer to return to urban areas. In Animal Crossing: There are shops and other architectural features in the city. The city itself occupies about half of the game map. No matter which version, players choose Buy ACNH...
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by on September 15, 2021
In Animal Crossing, gorgeous autumn returns to the island. This fall is a good time to enhance your charm and grab the last touch of natural color before winter descends on your island. Taking advantage of this opportunity, players will use their skills to create a mythical version of the autumn island. Exclusive decoration: pumpkins, mushrooms, and bounty furniture Pumpkins, mushrooms, autumn leaves, and pine cones are some popular themes that can be used as inspiration. In addition, the AC...
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