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Smilegate offers Lost Ark new Guardian Lost Ark Gold Raids Quests, Quests, open world Activities in addition to Guild activities. They include new field bosses as well as exciting Guild PVP fights brand new quests, an island full of gigantic chickens, and more. Lost Ark players can also take advantage of Neria's Wardrobe skins for a brief duration. They let players outfit their characters in casually contemporary clothing like clothes, t-shirts, jeans and baseball caps. This may not be in line with the rest of Lost Ark's design, but at the very least Lost Ark fans can't complain about having no new skins.Lost Ark still has a bot issue, and the publisher Amazon Games has admitted.

In a blog post , Amazon acknowledged the continued issue and the continuing "frustration within the community" the blog post said that it experienced the same feeling, Amazon declared that it had permanently banned "several million accounts that participated on botting and hacking or gold-selling".

"Since Lost Ark launched, we've been fighting a war against bots who are infiltrating Arkesia," Amazon dramatically published. "Addressing bots can be difficult in games that are free to play because it's easy to make an account, and to play the game, however we're fighting on multiple fronts to fight the bots."

As well as imposing exclusions Amazon claims Lost ark gold buy it's attempted to minimize the negative impact of bot accounts that it has yet to crush.


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