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Representatives from Grinding Gear Games showed off the latest expansion pack for Path of Exile, called Scourge. Representatives from Grinding Gear Games studio demonstrated the plug-in in the last live broadcast. For this expansion, most players can't stand it anymore. The content of the trailer is already exciting enough. I believe the content of the new expansion pack will be even more exciting. The title Scourge is about demons that we must fight with under certain conditions. This is a d...
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by on October 19, 2021
The Path of Exile team held a special live broadcast on October 14th. Reviewing the internal activities of the live broadcast, the live broadcast focused on the 3.16 version of the upcoming natural disaster expansion. The live broadcast contains a lot of news about the launch of Scourge about Path of Exile. In order to increase publicity, the publicity team also announced a new balance support package during the live broadcast. In the game content of Path of Exile, players have also seen some...
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by on October 9, 2021
The path of exile is a ruthless adventure. This is perfect for some professionals. So far, Path of Exile has become very powerful, and with the emergence of a huge new expansion/experimental sequel, it will soon become even more powerful. The new version of the updated content will attract some new players. Players who like excitement are looking for a more exciting game experience than Diablo III. The website has high difficulty levels that make the players heart-stirring. Players ...
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