by on April 7, 2021
I believe a spoiler label will be great, particularly since we are approaching one year at the game. People have already started posting things about how horrible the eggs in bunny afternoon were, and it is not reasonable to newer players who havent seen bunny day (or whatever thing) yet. I concur about adding dialogue in low effort article ban. I am really tired of all of the gravy licking posts. posts. These have become more common and they're getting so dull. ...
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by on March 18, 2021
The distinction between Afro Puffs and Animal Crossing Bells Space Buns is the former explicitly has curled hair involved, and derives from African-American culture. Space Buns are the Asian equivalent (you've probably most likely seen them on Chun-Li, however it's also common in anime/manga). I really just went to look her up and can not find an agreed duration. It's some type of looped braid thing that may have had roots in Native American hairstyles, though Lucas apparently based it off an...
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by on February 25, 2021
Waitttt we could put designs on the ground of our homes!? Animal Crossing motivated back piece by Pony Reinhardt of Tenderfoot Studio in Brooklyn New York. My very first tattoo! I love this!How does this hold up over time? I've been considering getting some tattoos in this style. Congratulations on your first tattoo such a great one!Such a cool concept and execution is beyond! My favorite kind of tattoo, as well as among my favorite games!Thanks for placing a name to this, I have never und...
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