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Most Animal Crossing: The system time of New Horizons is the same as the player's real-time. Time travel is a redefinition of the system clock. According to the island setting time set by the player, your island may be sunny, rainy, or even snowy. Or you may have missed the event-exclusive items because of important things. you can also choose the Buy Animal Crossing Island Designs method to retrieve the event-exclusive items.


Change the date and time of the Nintendo Switch


Enter system settings

Scroll to the bottom until you find the system option

Choose date and time

Make sure that the synchronization clock via the Internet is set to off

Change the date and time you want


System time setting


Benefits of the time trave


1. Skip the waiting time: Skip the waiting time for building bridge ramps and tree growth.

2. Collect resources: Change the clock to get ACNH Bells and Nook Miles. One day can get one week's resources.

3. Enjoy time: If you don't like rain, you can jump to sunny days. In addition to jumping, you can also buy Nook Miles Tickets to start a trip.

4. Collect interest: get the daily interest deposited in ABD. Buy a large amount of ACNH Bells in advance and store them in ABD, and you can receive a lot of interest every day.

5. Participate in specific activities: time jump to a specific day. By modifying the time, you can participate in advance or return to a certain day. For example, a fishing competition organized by C.J.

6. Shopping as much as you want: Over time, buy new items at Able Sisters Shop or Nook's Cranny. If you like Buy Animal Crossing Items like me, then I guess the biggest reason you choose to travel through time and space is Able Sisters Shop.


Wanting to start time travel is a very simple thing. But according to data surveys from SCREENRANT and GAMERANT, excessive use of time travel can also bring bad results to players. For example, weeds grow faster, cockroaches appear in the house, and your turnips will go bad. After careful consideration, let's start another time travel. Time travel is accompanied by high consumption. if you need Cheap ACNH Island Designs, choose ACBellsBuy.com. Based on the usual price, you can also enjoy 15% off. Come, only this one day!

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