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This could be one of the scenarios that you might be facing. It's frustrating buying one thing and then take it out from the G.E. It's an unimportant note. This is a problem for me. Now of course, many of you will think: "Well, just bank it  RS 2007 Gold, it's not something to worry about, so don't be a baby!" Yes it is possible to do that. However, if you are purchasing just one item (I.E. one weapon) is it necessary to deposit it in a bank, simply because it's a note?

The suggestion: If you have sufficient inventory space (Say you have seven open slots in your inventory) and you purchased a dds, then it will come out as an item. If you have enough inventory space then it will be released as an item. If not, it should come out as an note. Of course, if you buy 200 lobsters, it's going to be an account (duh) However, when you only require four and you have four inventory slots, then why would you need to bank it again?

The solution to this rather frustrating issue IMO is easy. It's not a huge change or anything, just an easy solution to the smallest annoying thing... We should start by taking care of the little things. This year's theme is about fixing them. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Want to make me look like an idiot? We always welcome constructive criticism!

Welcome to the people who read this Thread (cool entry, right?) Introduction! Intro! Does it ever become cloudy? does it ever get rainy? Is there even an overcast sky Buy RuneScape Gold? Wouldn't you like to think that there could be different weather forecasts other than sun? What do you mean by the plants survive without water?

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