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by on November 15, 2022

McShay has Willis going to the Steelers at number. 20. which was his home base in the days leading up to the Madden 23 coins Combine. It's hard to imagine that any of the teams between Carolina and Pittsburgh might not consider a bet there.

There are currently as of now the Falcons, Seahawks, Eagles and Saints with all of them either need a QB right now or are on close of having to look at the position. The Eagles have two picks before the Steelers also, and so do the Saints after their trade. I don't see both teams not taking advantage of Willis' upside twice.According to the ESPN's Adam Schefter, numerous teams were in contact with the Falcons regarding a potential trade with Ridley who, in all likelihood, wanted to get out of Atlanta. Every time, interested parties were refused, and it appears that the fate of Falcons' WR is in doubt.

Baker Mayfield is still available. In spite of numerous rumors a deal was close however the Browns quarterback was not traded in the Madden NFL 23 Draft. As teams advance in their preparations for the regular season , we're facing a scenario wherein the top. 1 selection from the 2019 Madden NFL 23 Draft will either be traded for peanutsor cut before the start of training camp.

The news has left many people asking why. There wasn't too long ago when Mayfield was touted as the"savior" of Cleveland is the franchise quarterback who broke the drought and brought the Browns to prominence . But and now he's gone. We know this was simply a case of the team looking for someone who is better, and making the decision to trade for Deshaun Wilson, but this doesn't mean that a different QB-hungry team wouldn't benefit from Mayfield isn't it?

The situation is a bit more complicated than it sounds. There are numerous levels to the Mayfield issue that extend beyond playing on the field, which are impacting the willingness for teams to trade for him. This is why, when my team the Panthers took on Matt Corral in the third round following the possibility of an exchange with Baker I said this.

Naturally, this was met with a diverse array of responses. Most people thought it was the most sensible choice, however many people were displeased with the idea that a third round rookie was superior to an athlete who's thrown for more than 3.000 yards, and had a positive TD-to-INT ratio during each of the beginning four seasons. Let's use this as a basis for explaining the reasons why it's better to invest in a mid-round QB rather than trade for Mayfield at the moment and cheap madden 23 coins why a lot of QB-needy teams have decided to make this choice.

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