by on August 10, 2017

 Manchester United once touched the hope of NBA Live Coins winning, but Bayern in the second half of the flash hit the war or let the efforts of the Red Devils in vain, Rooney in this key game back to the king, playing closed the conviction , But in the game, chubby play is very low, wasted 2 times a good opportunity to break, and his injury is still unknown, which gave the three lions in the World Cup journey also buried a hidden danger,


4 years ago, Rooney in Allianz Arena injury battle, which affected his performance in South Africa, and now, chubby is likely to repeat the same mistakes again. Van Persie missed 6-8 weeks, Manchester United comeback hopes fall on the Cheap NFL Coins Rooney's shoulder, as Manchester United in the offensive end of the absolute trump card, this season's events, Rooney has helped the team into the 17 goals, assists 17 times, it is clear


, Although Rooney before the toe injury, but Moyes will certainly Manchester United on the 10th, the reason is very simple, this is because this match against Bayern Manchester United season called the most critical battle, lost, doomed farewell Season of the Champions League, and won, there is hope through the Champions League champions to obtain the next season of the European war qualification, that is, this game is a shortcut.


 After the release of the Mmogo first list, Rooney's name impressively in the column, which means that Rooney hit closed play, this insist on people admire, but chubby how the state is an unknown. The first 20 minutes, he ushered in the first opportunity, when Rooney scored in the restricted area, Bayern defender did not choose to grab, although Kagawa timely policy, but Rooney in the restricted area but do not know what to do, no choice Playing the door did not give the ball to the unmarked Kagawa,

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