by on August 9, 2017

Arsenal and Everton and NBA Live Mobile Coins other three Premier League are also interested in this summer hands. Leave the team, Manchester United left back, vice captain Evra's future and new developments, he may join Inter Milan. This summer, Manchester United contract expired players a lot, Evra is one of them, and Vidic is not the same, the French left back has not yet determined whether to stay in Old Trafford, after the news that


Evra May return to the former owner of Monaco, now he may be the Buy FIFA Mobile Coins same as Vidic in the summer to Inter Milan, in addition to Paris Saint-Germain is also an option for him. The face of nearly 13 encounters only won their own 1 Arsenal, Moyes Manchester United ushered in a better chance to stop. Yesterday morning Manchester United in the Premiership away points ranked No. 2


Arsenal, the two teams after a boring war to 0:0 end of the game, the two teams have no change in the ranking points. In the recent state is very low in the case, the two traditional giants staged "brother two good", both stabilized, and no salt on the other side of the salt. Arsenal veteran Van Persie missed a single-shot opportunity in the opening, the two teams have scored five goals in the past five (on behalf of Arsenal 2, on behalf of Manchester United 3), but he was obviously "knowledge" yesterday, no "


 Hurt "old and new owners of Mmogo any party. This makes Moyes in the satisfaction of 1 minute, but also could not help but "beat" Van Persie, "If another night, Van Persie has long been hat-trick, and today he has three good opportunity to break, Van Persie past in the face Arsenal have a good history of the goal. "Ozil slightly victorious horse before the game, many British media stir up Ozil and Mata PK, and from the actual game of the process point of view,

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