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As the world-leading construction machinery manufacturer, Sany engages in excavator manufacturers, sales, research and development. With the largest and most advanced R&D system, Sany has manufactured a broad product line of diggers, all of which are the results of innovation. Small Excavator To match the requirements of different working environment, the diggers are weighing from 1.5MT to 200MT, providing a wide choice for the customers.


Generally, the digger structure includes power device, working device, rotating device, operating device, transmitting device, walking device and accessories. construction excavator Based on the structure and application, the excavator can be divided into crawler digger, tire digger, fully-hydraulic digger, half-hydraulic digger, fully-rotary digger, general one and so on.Sanymachine can be equipped with multiple attachments to possess more functions and adapt to various construction demands, such as, excavating, trenching, lifting, loading, leveling, climbing and bulldozing. Mini Excavators for Sale


Daily check is the basic step in regular maintenance and is very necessary in order to keep your excavator machinein a normal condition for a long time.First, check the chassis and slewing gear to make sure there is no grease leaking. Check the braking device and crawler belt to ensure the machine stability. Frequently check the fuel oil, grease, hydraulic oil and coolant to make sure the fuel oil is in an abundant level, choose the fuel oil according to the instructions and keep it clean. Excavator Prices

If you want to create your own career, it is a good choice to join the construction machinery industry and Sany excavator must be your best and first choice. excavator construction


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