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Built with advanced technology and super design, Sanyroad grader features by high efficiency, low fuel consumption and ease of operation. Road Machinery Theindustry initiative economic pattern is adopted to manufacture the machine, which makes the sales price quite competitive without compromising on product quality. excavator prices


Sany graders are widely used in road building for grading and leveling. Motor Grader However, built to be used for various applications,Sanymotor grader has the function specially designed for removing snow, not only making the road clean but protecting the road from damage.In additions, the machine can be equipped with roller in the back, which can further improve the efficiency of removing snow. mini excavators After cleaning the snow, no more sweeping is needed before paving the asphalt, greatly improving the working efficiency in snowy weather.


Customized Meichi heavy duty rear axle, SKF bearings and strengthened chain are designed for challenging heavy duty job. The main blade and side blade are thickened and U-shape rail is applied to prolong the service life. compact excavator Engine is the “heart” of construction machines, which provides power to the machine. SANY road grader uses TierⅢ engine and German Bosch high pressure common rail oil injection system, which save 10% of the fuel consumption and made lower noise at the same time. 3 tonne excavator Equipped with international famous ZF electro-hydraulic automated transmission system and ZF electric handle, the machine can be easily operated just like a car, which greatly alleviates the operator’s working pressure and improves working efficiency. Wheel Loader


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