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And finally, I would pay good money to see the same decision makers make an actual physical demonstration of what they believe Matthews should do differently. I would like them the ability to feel the physical sensation of trying to take on anyone without falling on the other person, and I'd like the same shit show to be broadcast across every streaming service, so we all can have an amusement.

I'm sure it won't ever happen, but I dream, can't I?

Here's my opinion that players are kind of playing into the Madden NFL 23's trap with their rhetoric of slamming these latest rules.

In the name of making the game "soft" gives many regular players who've never played football with the impression that current players just want to be able to harm one another without fear. It also reinforces the idea that players need the coaches to "save the players from their own self-interest," a narrative that only benefits the owners. Many "fans" are already viewing players as commodities, not actually people, so I'm not sure it would make anyone's life any easier for players to continue to fall into the trap of putting themselves in.

The rule changes aren't a problem because they're making playing "soft." They're unfun because they're really dumb!

Certain of them clearly don't make the game any safer, and you could argue convincingly that some of them are making the game much more dangerous for defensive players who need to perform contortionist moves at high speed or risk being flagged.

If you're not convinced, Ask Dolphins veteran defensive lineman William Hayes who tried to take on the same idea that Madden NFL 23 said and overthrow gravity's laws on Sunday. Unfortunately for him, was struck into the ground by the force of gravity. Hayes is currently placed on injured reserve. He also lost to the season due to a major knee injury after the team got off to a excellent start for a unexpected 3-1 Miami team ... for the reason that he tried to play by a nonsensical change to the rules.

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