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Card decks are an important system in Lost Ark, providing players with a variety of options for building their characters in the game. If you need to buy Lost Ark Gold, MMOSO is your best choice. Cards in Lost Ark come in sets, with a total of 27 card sets, all of which have associated rewards that can help you in different situations. This guide will introduce you to the best card sets in Lost Ark, saving you tons of time as you level up.

1. Field Boss II

Deck Size: Seven
Cards: Maneth (Rare), Tarsila (Rare), Sol Grande (Rare), Brealeos (Rare), Aporas (Rare), Kagros (Rare), Adrinne (Rare)

Each card in the set corresponds to a world boss, and you can collect sets by defeating each boss or completing regional achievements.

2. Farewell, Weapon

Deck size: Six
Cards: Vanquisher (Rare), Velcruze (Epic), Parkunas (Epic), Spear of Annihilation (Rare), Fjorgin (Epic), Navinos (Epic)

This set has similar bonuses to the Field Boss II set, and provides 4% of max HP for every two cards in the set without needing to be awakened.

3. Fate Of The Lazeniths

Deck Size: Two
Cards: Beatrice (Legendary), Allegro (Epic)

This Card Set is great for both offense and play, and since it's only two pieces, it can be used in many builds. The set gives a 2% elemental damage increase at four awakenings, and after ten awakenings, successful strikes create a chance for an increase of all Elemental Damage by 24% for 8 seconds.

4. Guardians Roar

Deck size: Seven
Cards: Lumerus (Epic), Ur'nil (Epic), Icy Legoros (Epic), Dark Legoros (Epic), Chromanium (Epic), Nacrasena (Epic), Caliligos (Epic)

The Guardians Road card set consists of 7 cards.The set offers an eight percent fire damage reduction for each two pieces, up to 25 percent at six set bonus without any awakenings. Once you reach level 50, obtaining this card set becomes a part of the daily grind.

5. Scene Stealer

Deck size: Six
Cards: Avele (Epic), Jederico (Epic), Habeck (Epic), Scherrit (Epic), Enviska (Epic), Kalmaris (Epic)

The Scene Stealer is a great set with defensive bonuses at the beginning, and strong offensive bonuses when completed and enhanced.

6. Kazeros's Legion Commanders

Deck size: Six
Cards: Valtan (Legendary), Akkan (Legendary), Vykas (Legendary), Brelshaza (Legendary), Thaemine (Legendary), Kakul-Saydon (Legendary)

This card set is one of the hardest card sets to acquire and upgrade fully. If you equip all 6 cards without any awakening, you can reduce Holy Damage Reduction by 30% in total.

7. Light Of Salvation

Deck size: Seven
Cards: Shandi (Legendary), Azena and Inanna (Legendary), Nineveh (Legendary), Kadan (Legendary), Belthorr (Legendary), Thirain (Legendary), Wai (Legendary)

This card set is extremely useful in some of the end-game content, it consists of 7 cards. This card set is almost the exact opposite of Kazeros's Legion Commanders set.

8. Lostwind Cliff

Deck size: Six
Cards: Armen (Legendary), Seria (Rare), Solas (Common), King Thirain (Legendary), Kharmine (Legendary), Delain Armen (Legendary)

We would recommend investing in this set if you wish to maximize your damage. The set grants up to 25 percent holy damage reduction without awakening, a seven percent crit rate at 12 awakening, and 3.5 percent holy damage for you and your allies at 30 awakening.

9. We'll Meet Again

Deck size: Three
Cards: Madnick (Epic), Vrad (Rare), Sian (Rare)

This card set is fairly easy to complete. After all 30 awakenings, the card set restores some of your HP for 5 seconds when your HP reaches below 20%.

10. Forest Of Giants

Deck size: Three
Card: Caspiel (Rare), Mokamoka (Epic), Tir (Rare)

This card set is easy to acquire and works really well with the We’ll Meet Again card set; both sets have 3 cards so you can equip both card sets simultaneously.The first set bonus offered by this collection without awakenings, make recovery items such as healing potions 15 percent more effective.

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