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The beach umbrella is definitely a part of the fortnite items, even though I'm not all that wild about it, entire. Last season saw a strange-looking graffiti-covered umbrella with some true personality, and the season before that saw my favorite so far, and not simply because it is the only one I've: a reddish paper parasol with dragon detail.

Thus far, Season 5 is a little bit difficult to pin down, much like Fortnite itself. Most people assumed it'd be time travel, and I'm disinclined to come out and state that it isn't time travel. But it's clearly a great deal of other things too: the two large new regions are kind of summer fun themed, using a bit of California going on. The beach umbrella is unquestionably a part of the narrative, I would argue.

It's a big day for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Season 5 launched this afternoon, bringing with it a fresh battle pass plus a package of changes both little and big. Developer Epic Games just announced that it might be taking down servers to investigate matchmaking and login problems that was cropping up within the course of the day. As usual, there's no word on uptime, but you can keep tabs on the status here.

It is a big setback for a day that was going fairly well for Epic Games, even if a few server problems over at PlayStation Network happen to be giving PS4 users a few issues. It doesn't seem to be a terrific day on the technical side of things entire.

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