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Fortnite's complimentary V-bucks are half-off at this time, even though fortnite guns is a bit of a contradiction in terms. How can free V-Bucks be off half? Isn't zero divided by 2 still zero? Yeson a technical level, that is accurate.

However, the world of V-buck farming is somewhat irrational to begin with, and therefore we are going to throw this basic notion from the window. The ability to get totally free V-bucks by buying Fortnite: Save World is half off now, down from $39.99 for $19.99 for the normal variant.

Here is the gist of what I mean here. Fortnite: Battle Royale, that's the version of Fortnite that most everyone is playing, does not have any real way to get free V-Bucks. The only way to acquire V-bucks given to you in-game would be to purchase the battle pass and rate this up.

And if you did get slightly more V-bucks than you set in by doing this, it is not much. Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save Your World discuss V-bucks as a superior money, nevertheless, and Save the World is a great deal more liberal with its free V-Bucks, which is why Battle Royale players head on over to that way to throw them.

That mathematics gets a whole lot more favorable with this discount, and you can essentially turn a V-buck profit by simply amassing the sign-in bonus for 100 days. And you'll be able to get far more than this by actually signing in and completing assignments.

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