by on December 1, 2018

And I'm certain that all you have understood that CBT 2 will arrive on 18th July, so we will begin to offer Maplestory M Mesos at precisely the exact same time too, let us anticipate it.I recently made it to floor 33 on tower of oz with my phantom (3 pill slots, looking to strike flooring 40 after I unlock the 4th pill slot today!!) .

I felt like my mobbing was quite poor in tower of oz, particularly in phases where you have to kill 200+ monsters that spawn in tilted and spaced ledges. I had been using Showdown using prenombre and the ghost teleport skill but I feel like I can use a different 4th job ability to maximize efficiency. ? Does not even need to be job skills that are 4th!

Some FM shops have an unnatural amount of merchandise (and some with normal amounts) for example 10% blank slate scrolls (stacks of 100) and other elite boss drops) Though they may have used some unorthodox method to gather these products, what happens to us consumers that purchase some of these maplestory2 items? Are we always risk if we purchase from'anyone'? You will find those apparent"BOSS BOSS BOSS" and odd shop owner names that some remain away from but what happens if they are moved to a more not evident shop/seller?

So say if the'botters' or those people are captured and their maplestory2 items are actually backtracked, what happens to those people who bought these items that had no thought if they had been officially accumulated? Do we get banned because of this with no say? Do we need to submit a ticket that will take weeks (or not even a response) to receive a chance to have a say? I have been prohibited before on a different acc for no reason and it took me 4 months to demonstrate it (more like to even get any response from them (not a hefty nx consumer )).

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