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Jake Bates sat in his bedroom inside his Mason home. He wore a headset over his ears and needed a game controller in his hands as he rapidly fired away and altered weapons frequently.The 13-year-old is attempting to master the secrets to buy fortnite items ps4 in one of the most popular video games of all time,"Fortnite."

As he and his mom, Amy Bates, heard that weekend, it is easy for teenagers to let their guard down when in the midst of intense struggles. "Fortnite" players, including Jake, can talk with other people from all over the globe.

Last weekend, another gamer constructed up Jake's trust and convinced him to deliver his password and username so the gamer can give him more skins, which can be used in the game. "When he logged into his account, he took everything ," Bates said. "The man took over his account, but also took over his email account and changed the passwords, changed the recovery passwords along with the phone number."

Any personal information that was in Jake's mails, the hacker had, and because Bates' charge card number had been connected to the match, the scammer had access to that too.

"It is really scary," Bates said.Not to mention, the crook ended up killing off Jake's character, where the adolescent had spent countless dollars since beginning the game this past year.

"I think he feels offended," Bates said.Bates said she and Jake needed to tell their story so scammers don't play other children while they are playing the game. "It states on the sport to not present your information out and, ya know, I am like, it is a lesson learned," Bates explained.

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