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There are each taste, every kind of terrain, and cars for every season. "The game's changing seasons are rightly grabbing people's attention, but Forza Horizon 4 Credits includes yet another new feature up its sleeve that's possibly just as exciting -- particularly if you're a fan of arcade racers such as Crazy Taxi and Ridge Racer.

"This being Forza Horizon, the tasks are pretty fun and offbeat, and they all involve driving cars fast." One of those assignments sees you team up with a vlogger who's currently trying to recreate classic video games in real life. "

Thanks to Horizon, she's the cars and you supply the driving. Among the video games we pay homage to in this story is Crazy Taxi, as well as classics like Sega Rally, Project Gotham Racing and Ridge Racer. There are quite a few genuinely fun Horizon Stories from the sport and we plan to continue bringing new visitors into the game post-launch for free to all players."

DLC has been a part of the Forza series so it may not be too surprising to hear that Forza Horizon 4 will probably be getting its own share of delights post-launch, as Fulton explains. We'll have more to share on additional DLC in the future."

The franchise has moved tens of thousands of miles since its inception in 2012, covering three big continents in the procedure. Are the team at Playground Games at risk of running out of places that are fresh? "I don't think we're losing sleep over it, no more," replies Fulton with a grin. "For now, we're entirely focused on Forza Horizon 4 and we intend to be encouraging this match with new content and features for a long time to come. Beyond this, Horizon works wherever there is beautiful scenery and great roads to drive on, so I reckon there is over a few areas left on Earth which could meet that criteria."

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