by on April 14, 2018

Before the Philadelphia Eagles decimated the New England Patriots in a nailbiter of a adventurous at Cool Bowl LII on Sunday, Hassan "GOS" Spall took the Washington Redskins to exhausted Luminosity Gaming's Eric "Problem" Wright's Los Angeles Chargers in the admirable finals of the Madden 18 NFL Club Championship.GOS assured up walking abroad with $35,000 and tickets to the Cool Bowl for assault Problem, who is advised to be one of the best Madden players of all time."I've been arena the adventurous for three years competitively, and accepting at the top, it's just a abundant feeling," GOS said.


It took a lot of practice, but GOS got to the top by consistently arena adjoin two added top Madden players, Musafa Jones and Echo Fox's Raidel "Joke" Brito. This win aswell secures GOS a atom in Ultimate League."It in actuality works out absolutely able-bodied because they're in the adverse appointment of me Madden Coins. I couldn't possibly play them until finals," GOS said.Madden has been accretion in acceptance anytime aback EA started beforehand in esports. But even then, viewership hasn't been as top as the added top games."I don't anticipate Madden should be on Twitch. It should be on TV. It's traveling to babyish added to the accidental humans rather than the hardcore gamers," GOS said.

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