by on March 31, 2017

Netherland is known as the “hometown of tulip” and the “kingdom of windmill”, tulip and windmill are the marks of this beautiful country. mini excavator As the treasure of Netherland, the wind resource once again is put into great use--providing energy for trains. All of the trains in Netherland are driven by electricity and several newly-built wind plants started to provide power for trains on the first day of 2017, which makes Netherland become the first country in the world that completes the goal of renewable energy providing power for trains. small excavator

Wind power is one of the main sources for electricity generation in Netherland. medium excavator Using wind turbine generator to generate electricity is not only environmental-friendly but also can adjust one country’s energy structure and improve people’s life quality. large excavator Reducing carbon emission is not only Netherland’s wish but also the goal of the whole world, and Netherland has set a good example for the world in renewable energy development. Actually, 75% of Netherland trains were driven by wind power till last year, and the percentage reached 100% on January 1st of this year. Hydraulic Excavator

The wind turbine generator appeared in the 1890s and developed fast since 1980s. Mini Excavators for Sale In the past years, the diameter of the rotor blade kept increasing and the rated power kept improving, being more and more widely used in industrial applications. More and more countries in the world take deep interest in the wind resource development, which will make the wind power more popularized in the future. Sany India

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