<td>Aluminum SH-Foldable Mobile Tower
Lightweight components allow easy assembly & transport. Complete with Work Cover NSW certification means this scaffold can be used in domestic and commercial fields. More suited for shops, warehouse picking and small jobs around the home.
Ideal For: Builders, painters, contractors, interior liners, ceiling fixers, building maintenance, plumbers

Model Name: SYNERGY Aluminium Mobile Scaffold, Alumium Foldable Scaffold , Australia scaffold, China scaffold, Foldable scaffolding

Model No.:DT400-H072040DSLT
Width: 0.7m
Length: 1915m
Platform Height: 1.0m/1.8m/3.6m
Tube Diameter: 51.5mm
Tube Wall Thickness: 2mm
Material: Aluminium T6-6061
Wheel Size: 5inch
SWL: 225kg /450kg
Work Caver Plank Registration Number: PFS 6 -154121/11
Warranty: 1 Year
Welding Warranty: 10 yearsCustomized Aluminium Ladder
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