Manchester United's main full-backs, Valencia and Ashley Young, are 33 years old, but Damian's ability is mediocre, and Luke-Shaw's progress is slow and unstoppable, so Mourinho needs to introduce. At least one of the side gates in the year of the fight, such as Juventus's Brazilian international Sandro, Monaco's French international Sidibe, etc., but he ended up with only 19-year-old young compatriot Darot.


Dalot is the newly resigned former Manchester United chief scout Rivalta, who can play on both sides, and is considered to be the best full-back in Europe of the same age. But when he was too young, he lacked enough experience in the game, and it was difficult to replace the second old man in the short term. Secondly, he was injured in the body and could only come back in September, so the Red Devil did not get a spur of Buy FIFA 19 Coins the side. The power of the battle.

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