In fact, in January 2018, when Copa had not renewed his contract with Athletic Bilbao, his cancellation fee was only 28 million euros. If it was not Zidane’s trade, Copa would almost have to report to Real Madrid. Since La Liga requires players to be forced to join the penalty clause, in general this figure is much higher than the player's real value. It is very normal for a young player with good prospects to be around 100 million euros, so no one at the time Copa is in the new contract of 80 million euros of liquidated damages, I am afraid that even Bilbao Athletic can not imagine, this summer someone will really find this amount to get Copa!


The main reason for this amazing value is that Chelsea's main goalkeeper Kurtova has left the team firmly. Since there is only one year left in the contract period, in order to avoid the dilemma of the free transfer of Kurtova in the summer of 19, Chelsea had to take 3500. Ten thousand euros sold it to Buy FIFA 19 Coins Real Madrid. In the two days of the closure of the Premier League transfer market, they had not had enough time to negotiate candidates, so the forced breach of contract was the fastest way to dig a good goalkeeper. By chance, Copa's 80 million euro transfer fee was born.

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