The new adventure mission,Operation Archangel,stars Siege's Valkyrie,Twitch,and Caveira.In Rainbow Six Siege,all three women are R6 Credits a allotment of Aggregation Rainbow,an all-embracing aggregation composed of the world's best soldiers,spies,and weapon specialists who coursing terrorists.Valkyrie is a U.S.Navy Seal who uses hidden cameras to accumulate intel on adversary combatants.Twitch is a French GIGN with a affection for bombinate technology.Caveira is the arch interrogator from Brazil's BOPE.

In Operation Archangel,Caveira has gone missing,endure apparent in Bolivia breadth the Ghosts are still operating.Valkyrie asks her longtime friend,Ghost's Karen Bowman,to abetment Twitch in tracking Caveira down.The mission sees Twitch and the Ghosts chase Caveira's blood-soaked aisle above Bolivia,and players will apprentice added of Caveira's afflicted accomplished forth the way.

Players who complete Operation Archangel above-mentioned to August 14 will be awarded with Caveira's gloves,an in-game customization that,if equipped,allows a player's Ghost accessible to accomplish Caveira's appropriate appraisal move from Rainbow Six Siege.Just like in Siege,assuming the appraisal reveals the breadth of all enemies aural the vicinity.


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