In contrast, the Giants' starting pitcher Rodriguez, who faced the astronauts' line performance today, was exceptionally stable. His 7-game pitching only allowed the opponent to hit 3 hits, and without the guarantee, he also struck 7 hitters, completely blocked. The assault's offensive firepower. Reyes Moronta, the relay pitcher that was replaced by 8 innings, also made the astronauts' line work impossible. The astronauts switched to MLB18 Stubs Roberto Osuna, who traded from the Bluebird. Osuna, who returned from the suspension period, performed well in the first show of the astronauts, and kept the hope of the team's go-ahead.


The first half of the 9th game replaced the Will Smith with the hope of ending the game. But Smith's state is unstable today. After solving Stasi, Brigham was sent, and after Redick was solved, Guriel was sent. At this time, the Giants were only one out of the final victory, and the astronauts had captured a second base. The astrologer's fifth great Malvern Gonzalez caught the loss of the ball and hit a 3-point home run in the left field. The astronauts overtook the score, leading 3-1. In the second half of the ninth inning, the astronaut's terminator Hector Rondon, despite being beaten by Pannick, solved the other three hitters and won the 12th rescue of the season. He won the 72nd win of the season for the astronauts. Smith swallowed the second rescue failure of the season.


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