Mina only landed in Europe in January of this year. He joined Barcelona from Palmeiras in Brazil, but last season he only played 6 times on behalf of the Catalonia giants. After coming to Barcelona, ??Mina played in general. What people didn't expect was that Mina had performed well in this summer's World Cup. He scored 3 goals. After the introduction of Langley in Barcelona, ??Mina became a Barcelona seller. The object, and he did indeed be robbed by other teams.


At the beginning, Manchester United did not intend to introduce Mina. In the case of Mourinho's acquisition of Buy FIFA 19 Coins Leicester City defender Maguire, Manchester United turned to attack Mina. However, the negotiations between the Premier League and Barcelona were not smooth, which gave Everton a chance to stay. According to the "Sun Daily" quoted "Daily Sports Daily" news, Everton and Barcelona have reached an agreement on Mina's transfer, Colombians will join the toffee for 28.5 million pounds, the two sides signed for five years.

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