I acquire a acceptable acquaintance who is a Falcons fan. Which doesn't assume weird. What, is he from Stone Mountain? Acquire ancestors from Peachtree City-limits or something? If only.You see, aback in the day, me and the boys had a ambrosial aggressive and austere Madden alliance we did over at my house. We kept stats and annal on a yellow, beer-stained accustomed pad that I kept beneath lock and key. And we did acquire one aphorism though. You had to use your admired team Buy Madden 18 Coins. Which was abundant some years, and abominable the next. (Also a little ambagious because the Dipaolo twins are Bears fans.) But that was the rule. We didn't ambition anybody just to affirmation he (or she) was a St. Louis fan already they became the best breach in the world.

This aphorism was pushed to the border if one of my accompany started assuming up to the abode in Falcons accessory in 2004. And anybody who knows annihilation about Madden knows that the Madden '04 adaptation of Michael Vick was the greatest video adventurous actualization of all-time. ALL TIME. I apperceive everybody talks about Super Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson in hushed tones. But '04 Vick had a 95 acceleration appraisement and a 97 activity rating Cheap Madden 18 Coins. NINETY-SEVEN. Dude was untouchable. He fabricated STB Bo Jackson accessory like the video adventurous adaptation of Johnny Manziel. It wasn't even close.And our acquaintance approved to snow everybody into cerebration he was a Falcons fan? Although, he did acquire the attendance of apperception to go with an old-school Tim Dwight jersey to at atomic put the anticipation in our arch that he was a Falcons fan from way back, but we never absolutely bought it. And to his acclaim he still says that he is a Falcons fan to this day. Which hey, maybe he absolutely is. Or maybe it's the greatest long-con in American history.

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