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Without referring to Jean-Claude Biver, you cannot talk about the hublot Big Bang. Biver began developing Hublot as an internationally renowned brand in 2004 and announced Big Bang within a year. The sales of hublot watches have tripled in 12 months, and the modern products of luxury watch manufacturers have been born.

hublot brand symbol
If there is a symbolic timepiece, it is a big explosion. If you don't imagine a unique Big Bang shape, you wouldn't think of Humboldt: a perfectly round dial mounted on an elongated hexagon, like some kind of steampunk submarine instrument. This is a style expression that helped Hublot win three grand prizes in the second half of 2005.replica GRAHAM LONDON CHRONOFIGHTER VINTAGE GMT Watches

Start all your watches
I can't think of a more suitable watch. The Big Bang was a huge energy event that created a universe from a tiny sphere of matter. Prior to the command of Biver, Hublot's eponymous timepiece did the same for a brand that was close to failure.

So what's so big about the Big Bang? Well, no one has seen a luxury sports watch like before. Biver created a brand new company motto for his revised Hublot - "Art of Convergence" - in the Big Bang, he showed the world what he meant.

While other luxury sports watches are satisfied with presenting themselves as an enhanced variant of the classic high-end timepiece theme, the big bang became something completely different. It incorporates a variety of high-tech materials, including rubber, carbon fiber, and internal alloys, to create an actual sporty timepiece. It's tough. It has a rubber strap. In the case of its military style, it looks like it can be used to invade enemy replica watches for sale

In other words, the big bang has character.

Heart Swiss watch
It also has, and there is a lot of inner magic. The latest UNICO movement developed and manufactured at the Hublot plant is compact and sturdy. 330 individual parts, each of which was manually assembled and able to add additional complications as needed, as cordial as the big bang itself.

Very big personality
The modern variant of the hublot Big Bang refused to sit on the predecessor's laurels. The classic style still exists (unless you choose the Big Bang Spirit Chronograph), and unparalleled personality is there. However, the nature of this personality is constantly reshaping. Because of this, luxury watch collectors may have multiple Big Bang models. They are like old-fashioned swatches, but for serious RICHARD MILLE RM 052 skull Watches replica

So, slightly more serious. When you've just spent $22 on a bright pink pop art themed watch, it's hard to be completely intuitive, this is where the 41mm Pop Art Gold Rose Big Bang will make you look back. This is the point. The Big Bang has become a symbol of uniqueness and is an increasingly precious commodity in the luxury watch world.

The pioneer of every modern hublot
hublot has placed its entire existence on the values ​​supported by the Big Bang. Once Biver lets the company try materials and designs for free, anything is possible. Without the DNA of the Big Bang, there is no Hublot MP. The king's power is a big explosion of steroids. The spirit of the big bang mentioned above is an almost unique event in the history of watchmaking - the company paid tribute to its flagship models with all its other product lines only 10 years after its initial launch.

Size matters
It is worth mentioning that Big Bang was considered a large-scale watch when it was released. Now its 44mm width is the smallest width you can get from Hublot (if you are a man buying a men's watch). The Classic Fusion is 45mm and the King Power Special One (designed for Jose Mourinho) weighs 48mm. Biver is not joking. He said that the main advantage of the brand is "the talent for thinking outside the box." More than King Power, you won't find a big enough box to put your Hublot watch.

There are several unique timepieces that have begun the success story of watchmaking brands. Rolex oysters. RM001. Omega Seahorse. But none of them have the style and personality of a big explosion. From its first model, its signature rubber strap and solid face, watch collectors know they are looking for something special. They are Audemars Piguet Watches replica

Biver said that the original design task of the Big Bang was actually very simple. At this time, please note that the watch industry is becoming more and more interested in industrial designers and helping to create modern watches. This means that rather than rigorously considering existing watch designs, inspiration from the world of modern cars, buildings and other vehicles and structures is very inspiring and very popular.

The Big Bang 44 should more or less follow the old Hubo. It should start using this design from the early 1980s and push it into the 2000s. The modular aspect of the design is also very important, because from the very beginning it is clear that Hublot needs a way to create product differentiation and can choose to limit ongoing R&D costs. In other words, the Big Bang should be the porthole of our time.

It is also considered a new, young demographic, and many watch industries are accustomed to marketing. I remember an interesting marketing strategy. I noticed Hublot is involved. I can't imagine what other brands are doing. I actually wrote this article in 2007 as one of the earliest articles for blogging. Hublot appeared in Second Life, a virtual open world game. Characters can even get Big Bang watches for their digital avatars. It may seem foolish, but it not only proves actual actual marketing, but it also shows Hublot's sincere desire to be more relevant to younger, more technically literate people. If you think that most online game players cannot afford a luxury watch, you may be right. That's not the point. The idea is to instill ideas from Hublot into the minds of young people to create awareness. In addition, there are people who hope that if a small portion of them can provide enough luxury watches, then some of them will become Hengbao watches. This statement alone captures the overall marketing strategy of the Biver and Hublot brands.

The combination of marketing and materials has created a young, vibrant look that has attracted a generation who believe that the old watch industry is fully interested in returning to the past. Hublot proves that you can be a traditional watchmaker, but it is also relevant.replica Tonino Lamborghini Spyder mod. 12H-05 Cod.12H5SPYDER watc


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