The first game of the Western Conference finals,which has attracted much NBA Live Mobile Coins attention,has just come to an end.In the end,the Warriors beat the Rockets 119-106 and won the top spot in the Western Conference finals.After the game,Warriors coach Steve Cole accepted the media interview.

In this campaign,Warriors forward Draymond Green's positive and negative value is the team's highest +19.

Korgreen,he said: "Draymond is one of the most competitive guys on the planet.I think that early in the game,he was a little emotional and he needed to wake him up a bit.When he adjusted it,At the time,I think his defense can do a great job.I think he can control the game in many ways in the game.He is a very good player,it is difficult to describe what he did on the court,but he is A perfect example of a contemporary NBA player,he can defend any opponent on the field,rebounding,passing,preparing for the next round,etc.Obviously,Green is full of energy,very competitive,he can drive a ball The team,I think Draymond is fantastic."

In this game,Green started playing for 37 minutes,5 of 1 contributed 5 points,9 rebounds,9 assists,2 steals and 2 blocks.


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