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Know some features of Lybach Web-based Email:

  • Address Book: Store the addresses of friends and contacts and organise them in groups to make addressing your mail easy. Addresses in your book will autocomplete when you address your mail, saving you from having to open your address book each time you want to send a mail.

  • HTML Editor: If you are running a recent Mozilla FireFox browser you can use our HTML editor to easily create formatted and stylized e-mails, and even include inline images.

  • Advanced Filters: Lybach Mail allows you to set up filters, allowing you to move mail that meets specific criteria to designated folders, or delete it. Also, you can create "blacklists" of addresses whose e-mails will be blocked.

  • Remote E-mail: Download mail from other POP boxes into Lybach Mail. This is great for checking your email remotely (i.e. while on vacation), or for centralizing your email into one location.

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