<td>SMZ PCB Connector
SMZ RF coaxial connector for PCB mount
Huading’s PCB mount SMZ RF coaxial connectors are one kind of snap-on self-latch coupling connectors, have the advantages of vibration-proof, high reliability, small volume and are available in straight or right angle versions. 75 ohm options available. It conform to the requirements of MIL-C-39012 and IEC169. Huading’s engineer have long time rich experience and can design and provide the solutions as customer’s requirement.
Temperature Range-65  to +125 Deg.C
Impedance50 Ω
Frequency Range0-3GHZ
VSWR  ≤1.15+0.001f
Withstand Voltage≥1000V
Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ Min
Durability(mating) 500 cycles Min
Centre contact: Brass, Gold Plated
Body: Brass, Gold Plated
Insulator: PTFE
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