by on July 22, 2021
While 2K15 didn't offer anything in terms of innovation, it was a significant addition to existing content. 2K16 was a big success in introducing MyLeague adapting to the changing needs of the game, including the ability to move franchises. This allowed gamers to create their own leagues. The era also saw MyCareer mode become a special experience. NBA 2K18 is the fourth tie-breaking game with an 87 rated. This game gets a spot alone, because the lowest score that it earned on any platform was...
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by on July 13, 2021
In supporting this holding, Judge Swain found the pictures of the tattoos were distorted to a degree and were too small in scale to issue (a mere 4.4% to 10.96% of the size of the real things). Not only that, but just three from 400 players featured in the match had tattoos which were at controversy. For the court, that amount of replicating qualified as de minimis as opposed to substantial. The court's finding that the use was de minimis could have been sufficient to dismiss the plaintiff's ...
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