by on June 11, 2022
After the ACNH 2.0 update, more than 9000+ ACNH items are available for New Horizons players to choose from. 3 AC items are most helpful.   animal crossing: new horizons provides players with a variety of items for players to enjoy in the game. As of version 2.0, New Horizons features approximately 1,900 furniture items. These include utility items, fashion items, and DIY recipes in the latest 2.0 update. Players can find some of these items on their island through monthly events and seaso...
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by on May 27, 2022
Animal Crossing New Horizons is a multiplayer game. In addition to activities on your own island, you can also visit other player islands. Can you visit other people's islands in Animal Crossing? The answer is yes. Animal Crossing New Horizons allows visiting other people's islands. This behavior is legal in the game. The visited islands belong to friends and strangers. After you successfully enter the victim's island, you can even bring items from the opponent's island back to your own islan...
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by on May 24, 2022
In addition to 397 animal villagers, Animal Crossing New Horizons also contains the most complete collection of bugs, fish, and deep-sea creatures.   Animal Crossing New Horizons is best for teenage gamers. Players can not only relax in the game but also use the knowledge in the reality game. To gain full knowledge of creatures, players first need to capture them. Bugs, fish, and deep-sea creatures are located on land, rivers, and oceans, respectively. Before capturing any kind of creature...
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