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This guide on how to accumulate gold will reveal the top methods for solo players to make gold in ESO. ESO Gold is the primary currency in The Elder Scrolls Online, and being adept at earning it quickly and consistently can significantly impact your gameplay. Sufficient gold in ESO allows you to obtain top-tier items for your character, enhancing your overall performance. The most effective strategies for amassing wealth in the game are typically associated with item sales. Here are the most lucrative ways to accumulate wealth in ESO:

Maximizing Profits with Valuable Materials

In ESO, certain materials are in high demand and can fetch impressive prices. The most sought-after golden materials include Chromium Grains and Platings, with Chromium Grains selling for well above 30K each and Chromium Platings commanding prices of around 300K per piece. Dreugh Wax, a Clothing golden material, can also be quite lucrative, typically selling for around 19K per unit. Blacksmiths can profit from Tempering Alloy at approximately 10K per piece, and Woodworkers can find value in Rosin, which sells for roughly 4K per unit.

It's important to note that the prices of crafting materials can fluctuate, so always check the current market rates before selling them through a guild trader.

Strategically Flipping Style Motifs

Style motif pages and books, especially the newer ones, tend to have high price tags. However, their values tend to decrease over time. Consider buying them for flipping only if you can turn them around quickly. Older motifs with more stable prices can be better investment choices.

Zone chats often present opportunities to buy motifs at discounted rates, as some players are eager for quick sales. To succeed in this endeavor, having the Master Merchant addon is crucial, as it provides valuable insights into prices, trends, and sales history.

Newly released motifs are excellent for resale in the same zone chats where they drop, especially sought-after pieces like Chest motifs. If you possess less expensive motifs, consider trading them for more valuable ones, but aim to resell them promptly before their prices dip too much.

Profitable Thievery

Stealing in ESO can be an entertaining and lucrative way to earn gold, provided you focus on high-value loot. To be an effective thief, you'll need a dedicated Thief build. The best profits from stealing are often found in new zones, where you can uncover new motifs and valuable items for resale. When selling stolen goods, prioritize the most valuable items by using a Fence to maximize your profit.

Crafting Valuable Housing Items

Crafting housing items can also lead to substantial earnings, but you should be mindful of material costs. Some materials, like Heartwood, can be expensive, making it more profitable to sell them directly. To maximize your returns, focus on creating less common or aesthetically appealing items. Filled bookcases, in particular, are popular due to their visual appeal and efficient use of crafting slots. Additionally, items from new DLC areas tend to sell at higher prices upon release, so keep an eye out for these recipes for a quick profit.

Crafting for Gold

Crafting in ESO is an excellent method for generating gold. Leveling up your crafting skills not only allows you to gather better materials but also offers opportunities for crafting valuable items. Consider crafting popular gear sets like Law of Julianos, Hunding’s Rage, and Shacklebreaker, as well as Potions, Food, and Drinks. Crafting Writs can also be profitable, particularly if you have multiple characters completing them.

Playing the Market

Playing the market in ESO involves buying items at lower prices and reselling them for a profit. This method requires initial capital and a solid understanding of market dynamics. Regularly check Guild Traders in different towns to identify undervalued items and resell them at higher prices. Market addons like TTC (Tamriel Trade Centre) can be invaluable for this endeavor.

Daily Quests for Motifs

Many DLC areas feature daily quests that reward motifs, and these quests can be highly profitable. Summerset and Murkmire dailies, in particular, offer valuable motifs, along with other valuable rewards like style materials. Completing daily quests can yield over 300g on top of item rewards.

Dungeon Farming for Gold

Running dungeons not only provides gold but also experience points and various valuable items. Profitable dungeons include any Veteran Dungeon, The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Crimson Cove in Malabar Tor, and Razak’s Wheel in Bangkorai. Additionally, certain Motifs can be quite valuable and worth farming for resale.

Addons for Gold Farming in ESO

Enhance your gold farming efficiency with these addons:

Master Merchant: Access real-time pricing information (requires membership in a trading guild to access price data) to stay updated on current average selling prices.

Votan’s Mini Map: Simplify navigation by adding a customizable mini-map to your screen, aiding you in efficiently traversing different zones.

Harvest Map: This invaluable addon not only reveals the locations of crafting materials but also generates 3D farming nodes, streamlining resource gathering during your gold farming activities. It's a must-have for tracking and collecting resources.

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