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Characters that undergo changes in their class Class Change will have placeholder gear with an equivalent rank to the gear worn previously by the character. Class Change, and gear worn by the prior version of the character will be put in the player's account. Players can customize their appearance upon making the change and Paragon points will also be reset. All clan or warband group affiliations will be carried over.

While Class Change is certainly the highlight of Diablo Immortal's next update, there are some new events and rewards being added to the mix. There's a new track for rewards called"the Hero's Journey is being added, which will reward players with a variety of items once they have overcome obstacles that increase in difficulty at higher Paragon levels. There are a variety of new items that are legendary for every class with a particular focus on new powers that do permanent damage.

A new event, the Adventurer's Path, will have participants complete tasks in order that earn them gold, dust with enchanted properties, and scrap materials. They will also receive a special portrait frame being awarded to those who have completed 16 tasks, and the legendary crest that is awarded for finishing 20 tasks. The event will run from July 20 through August 30. The Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal's first event that is limited in duration will be back from July 29-31.

And lastly, the new boss of raids is set to be added to the Helliquary. Gorgothra the Claimer will be added on August 2. Although Blizzard hasn't revealed what Combat Rating players will need to attain in order to become Gorgothra the Claimer as their new boss.

Diablo Immortal, which is completely free to play, has been heavily criticized when it launched in June, due to its various microtransactions and "pay-to-win" legendary gem system, yet it was reported to have made more than $50 million within its first month. Blizzard has not yet responded to concerns about how it is monetized.

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