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This is a Summon Necromancer guide in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In this guide, we will introduce the best builds from Necromancer pros and cons, skills, stats, gear, and mercenary so that you can speed farming the Duriel and run any terror zones fast.


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Summoner Necromancer is the perfect class to make many friends and is a very friendly build setup for new players. Especially since the introduction of the Sunder Charms in  D2R Ladder Season 2, the Necromancer Summoner is one of the few builds that still getgetme benefits from the new Grand Charms. Let's take a look at the build details now! With this build, you will have up to 50 summons and easily destroy any D2R Ladder Items For Sale in Hell farm.


Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Summon Necromancer Strengths & Weaknesses


Summon Necromancer Strengths


New player friendly


Very safe and fast leveling


Very low initial gear investment


Unlocks full potential very early


High flexibility regarding monster immunities


High overall versatility


Summon Necromancer Weaknesses


Slow at raising a powerful army which requires reset every new game


Not the best Magic Find Build



Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Summon Necromancer Skills


20 points to Raise Skeleton


20 points to Skeleton Mastery


20 points to Golem Mastery


20 Corpse Explosion


1 point to Clay Golem


1 point to Summon Resist


1 point to Amplify Damage


1 point to Iron Maiden



Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Summon Necromancer Stats


Strength: Meet Requirements


Dexterity: Meet Requirements


Vitality: Remaining Points


Energy: None



Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Summon Necromancer Gears


Weapons: Beast, Arm of King Leoric


Shield: Spirit


Helm: Harlequin Crest


Armor: Enigma


Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope


Belt: Arachnid Mesh


Boots: Marrowwalk Boneweave Boots


Gloves: Trang-Oul's Claws


Rings: Raven Knot Ring & Dread Turn Ring


Charms: Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, Life Grand Charm, Faster Run/Walk Grand Charm



Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Summon Necromancer Mercenary


The best mercenary for Summonmancers is the Act 2 Nightmare Offense Mercenary, you can further enhance your mercenaries with weapons and armor rune words that provide additional auras, and the aura also improves the damage of your minions.


Weapon: Infinity


Body Armor: Fortitude


Helm: Andariel's Visage


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