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by on October 21, 2022

 There's nothing inherently wrong with Madden 23 coins them however, they're an extremely boring uniform that doesn't really inspire any emotion. The issue lies in the fact that they're a lot too similar to the colors and style of The New England Patriots, which isn't ideal when you're on an inferior team.

The fans have been waiting to see some more excitement out of the Texans regarding their uniforms, and this could mean they're getting ready. The red chrome of Battle Red helmets makes the team stand out and make the steer head stand out on the helmet more.

The new helmets are stylish, but they don't allow fans to purchase. I'm for the Texans shifting to their ref chrome helmets full time as well as a new version of their red alternate jersey being their new uniform for home, while whites will be the away. Or, honestly I'd love to see them dropping their whites and reverting to a light silver or grey to differentiate themselves more.

The laughter of their Panthers is the best way to react after their long-running fling with Baker Mayfield finally resulted in trading. Carolina's insipid approach to their QB position seemed couched more around saving their egos than building a long-term successes, starting with a trade Deshaun Watson for a deal, then being linked to all available QBs in the market, before finally drafting Matt Corral.

There's something inherently hilarious about a single team having the title of No. 1 and No. 3 from the 2017 Madden NFL 23 Draft, each of them quarterbacks. However, neither has lived up to expectations. Although trading for Mayfield is not a good idea, in the midst of the most lucrative QB draft in recent history however, there's a possibility that could work out for the Panthers -- but it remains to be seen whether Carolina has a realistic plan.

Before we look at how this deal is likely to work make it clear that I'm still not thrilled with it, for all the reasons I mentioned back in May. I don't see there being any upside to trading for Mayfield for the Panthers. They're probably the worst player in the NFC South and Baker certainly isn't going to cause Carolina to be able to beat the Buccaneers to win the division title and it's the NFC remains a gruesome row, specifically in the NFC West which makes it difficult to envision that a wildcard is in the near future. If it's the sauce that will put it all together, it's a win for the team. is having to pay Baker a huge contract that will keep him in the team based upon the size of a tiny sample, or let him go for nothing.

The effect, however can be done is at least make the Panthers accessible in 2022 even If we go with the assumption that they weren't going to go to Corral in his rookie season. The team might be talking about "open competition" at the moment however when the primary hurdle is a sub-par Sam Darnold who's already proven that he isn't "the player," any pretense of the existence of any kind of QB contest is only for posterity to remember. In 2021. this was a team with a score of 5-12. and with Mayfield the team could be ... I don't know, maybe 8-9?

If we operate assuming Mayfield would always be the first choice for the position, it's going to get fascinating. The Panthers recruited Ben McAdoo, who was slated to be the new head coach of the offense. Initially, it was an odd choice that seemed to be destined for the same issues that it had with New York. McAdoo prefers to run an open, pseudo West Coast shotgun passing base that requires quick thinking by the mut coins buy, as well as athletic ability to accumulate yards when you're flushed out of your pocket.

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