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A split image of a player playing flute for Seria as well as Rapport NPC Seria reward items Lost Ark Gold. The final Rethramis Cooking recipe will take some grinding to reach. You will need to attain the maximum Rapport Rank with Siera - Trusted rank - and also redeem one of Siera's most recent Rapport benefits: special Potato.

Examining this item within your inventory will reveal an item that appears to have an... look on its face? The description reads, "A potato exuding holy energy. Have a bite of it before anyone gets there."

Engaging with it transforms it into the famed "Holy Potato with Teeth Marks" which may be added to Adventurer's Tome. It is believed that this potato is believed to be a holy item due to the fact that its mark resembles Regulus Face. The only problem is that you've already had the big honking bite of it.

The design of the class of Lost Ark is stunning, and the class can't wait to prove that. Few elements within an action-based RPG are as important as a well-designed class, however, giving players a variety of options to match their playing style isn't simple. That's what makes the classes of Lost Ark special.

It's a new(ish) MMOARPG from developers Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG has not just excellent classes and amazing combat, but also shows those classes off better than the majority of games. It gives players plenty of ways to come up with new characters Lost Ark Gold buy, without a lot of grinding.

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