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Island villagers are your playmates. When you want to replace a villager, you need to move out of a villager before a new villager can come in.


Before inviting villagers to the island, you need to know that the maximum number of animal villagers the island can hold is 10. Once you exceed 10 villagers, you will not be able to invite new villagers. Even if you turn on the steps to invite new villagers, it won't work. My suggestion is that it is best to invite 7 villagers. With the remaining space, you can think about island layouts or do research for upcoming animal villagers.


When you go to Mystery Tour with Nook Miles Tickets. If you don't come across the list of villagers you like, you can also bring the gold nugget back to your island. The same makes sense for ACNH Buy Bells. Human players are not considered villagers. These plots are for animal villagers. Another quickest way to get rid of ACNH villagers is to use Amiibo to bring in new villagers and replace unwanted villagers with that villagers.


You can do this when you decide you want one of the villagers to move away from your island. First, you need to understand that talking to the animal villager Isabelle will not make the villager leave. You can go for several days without talking to villagers who want to move out. If you look closely, when a cloud-like thing appears above an animal villager's head, it means that the animal villager is thinking about moving out. Talk to her/him and agree to move out of your ACNH island. Note that you need to stop talking and interacting with them for multiple days, even if they call the player by their first name.


There is also a hidden method. I'm not a big fan of Time Travel messing with your game in Animal Crossing. However, there is a time travel method that ensures you can get someone off your island. You just can't choose which villager it is. You can go to the System Settings menu on the Nintendo Switch. Select Date and Time. Finalize changes. Enter your Animal Crossing game again and look for a villager with a thought bubble overhead. Talk to the villager. If they tell you they've been thinking about leaving. You can press the agree-on button. If you don't want that particular character to leave. tell them to stay.


Animal Crossing New Horizons also supports selling land when you want to sell land in New Horizons. You can talk to Tom Nook at the construction consultation counter inside Resident Services, and choose the 'Sell some land' option. It will cost you 10,000 Bells so be sure to have that on hand. The safest way to earn ACNH Bells is Complete the island daily task list on time. This means that you need to complete dozens of repetitive tasks. Or you can buy Animal Crossing Island Designs from Acbellsbuy. This is all part of the plan and layout for the placement of the island animal villagers.

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