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"Additional improvements to Lost Ark Gold our anti-cheat tools are also available in this update , to keep out bots and cheaters," the devs say in their announcement "alongside a few more changes we've come up with with Smilegate RPG behind the scenes. We're not able to reveal all our secrets, or those involved in these kinds of activities could be exposed. We're aware that this won't fix every issue, and we'll continue to take action against users engaging in fraudulent purchases and bots."

Lost Ark will go down for maintenance on 24 March at 12am PDT / 3am EDT / 7am GMT. Downtime is expected to last for eight hours, and after servers are up and running in the coming week, this update will resume. Network N earns commission from eligible purchases made through Amazon Associates and other programs.Lost Ark: Helgaia Guardian Raid GuideThis Guardian Raid guide covers how to beat Helgaia an available raid at item level 840. It covers mechanicsand strategies for attacking, and general tips.Helgaia is the second Guardian Raid you'll encounter in the third portion of raids as you progress through the levels in Lost Ark. The quest is only available when you've reached the 840th level of your item.

This guide covers attack patterns, raid mechanics, and general advice on how to breeze through this Guardian Raid with ease.

Helgaia has a distinct Guardian Lost ark gold buy Raid mechanic. This is that the boss's skills change in time. To avoid this happening, and also to minimize the possibility that Helgaia's abilities begin to one-shot your party members, you must break the Stagger check that is shown frequently. Helgaia's abilities are more diverse and effective if the boss is allowed to grow.


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