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Death is supposed to be conquered, not an an insurmountable wall that prevents you from progressing. In many ways, the Soulsborne series delights in its fun and zany style, and this is evident in particular when the deaths are just downright hilarious.

Becoming Teabagged to Death.Getting teabagged is an old sign of disrespect in video games. In games with spectator modes or kill cameras, it was quite common to stand and crouch again and again on top of a dead enemy's body as a symbol for disrespect. It's juvenile, sure but it hurts, that's the most important part. After an Elden Ring enemy glitched out, the_goon12 must have thought they were in luck and went for an opportunistic kill. It was not clear what disaster was waiting for them.

Then you can get your own Back.Elden Ring is full of numerous horrifying monstrosities. Many of them are capable of killing people in horribly cruel as well as gruesome ways. This is what makes the ability to get your own back on them fun.Stance against a formidable adversary is enjoyable enough on its alone, but doing it through one of its arms? Chefs Kiss. This is true poetic justice for all of us who've been bitten - literally - by these kinds of things.

In The Pit with You.Sometimes you're hit so hard you just have to sit back and laugh. Being sucked into a massive lance while trying to escape from a mystical Knight isn't bad enough, as is getting sick with Scarlet Rot. But the cherry to the cake here is that WaltersWoefulWaffles has also been and tossed into the elevator pit as if the Knight was unhappy with the bleeding corpse that was sunk to the bottom to its chimney. There's no coming back from that. Time to turn the game off for a bit and sit and contemplate things for a second.

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