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In this area, you'll find a Smithing Stone [3] as well as a message on Elden Ring Runes the ground that says you should look down. There are a number of platforms you can drop onto, so follow these platforms all the way to the bottom , where you'll see a tower accessible from the ground and the Golden Rune [5]. Pass through the tower to locate yourself on a balcony overlooking a deep pit. Grab your Rainbow Stone x5, then proceed forward and climb the stairs until you find an exit which leads back to the Spot of Grace.

When you unlock that shortcut, it is time to venture into that pit. Return to the spot that you stumbled upon the rainbow stone . There you will see an umbrella that you can use to get to the platform located on that side of room. You can jump across and enter the tunnel where you can find the Arteria Leaf, and a bat waiting to be ambushed. You can go back to the bottom, where two more bats await. You can handle them by using the same tactics you handle the stormhawks, guard counters are always effective! Utilize nearby rafters means of a bridge to access items on other side, which is a Smithing Stone [22.

Be careful to drop down slowly until you get to the floor, where you will immediately discover the Golden Rune [2]. You can begin walking along the path be careful not to get overwhelmed by the rats creeping around, including one formidable Large Rat who can drop a Rune Arc. Past the rats on the left side is Poisonbloom three times. On the opposite right side is another scarab which you can take down for elden ring weapons for sale the spell Rancorcall.

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