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In NBA 2K21, we debuted an entirely new player builder available on PS5 that allowed you to set up your attribute caps however you'd like NBA 2K MT. We've made some modifications to the system over the last year, which include significantly increasing the number of badge points that are at your disposal, and making it easier to distinguish the badges that are available, their costs at each tier and the required thresholds for attribute to get to the appropriate grade.

The MyPLAYER upgrade is also a new upgrade, which is exclusive to PS5 known as Takeover Perks. These are modifiers you can unlock and equip to strengthen your existing abilities in Takeover! We'll never list them as we want them be unexpected however, it's an excellent upgrade to the Takeover system that adds a level of depth and strategy to how you compete online.

From the outset from the beginning, our aim was to create competitive and fun games for everyone. The passion of the community for 2K is what drives us and many of the features we offer are directly influenced by you.

So, have a good time with NBA 2K22, and we're thrilled to hear your comments, check out your streams or videos, and continue to work with you to make the best basketball game ever! Tip off on September 10.

You've probably heard this phrase a few times when discussing sporting events Buy 2K22 MT: Defense wins championships. In the latest release of NBA 2K, it wins virtual basketball , too.

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