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In addition to the pocket change he earns from a nearby pizzeria, Marinez earns around 60 dollars a month playing RuneScape which can be used to purchase rice and cornmeal for himself and his younger sister. However, for Marinez playing online isn't just about the arepas. It's about escaping, even if he thinks the medieval fantasy game is boring.

As a result of one of the largest economic slumps over the last 45 years without war, he and other in Venezuela have turned to a video game as a way to stay alive and possible migration. Gaming with video games isn't just about being in front of a computer screen. It can mean movement. Hunting herbiboars for food in RuneScape can help fund today's food and also the future of tomorrow's for Colombia or Chile countries, where Marinez is a member of the family.

Over from the Caribbean Sea in Atlanta, about 2,000 miles from Marinez There lives Bryan Mobley. In his teen years the game he played was RuneScape continuously, he told me on a phone call. "It was enjoyable. It was a way for me to not do homework, or anything like that," he said.

Now 26 years old, Mobley sees the game differently. "I don't think of it as the virtual world of yesterday," he told me. It's for him something of a "number game," which is similar to the virtual version of roulette. A rise in the amount of currency in games is an increase in dopamine.

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