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There are a few in fishing groups, Jatizso, and Catherby. To catch Raw Shark all you need is a Harpoon. Although they're more difficult to catch and not as lucrative as monkfish, they may be a great alternative for people bored with other locations.

The fish could be attractive in terms of the earnings, but what they lack is an experience made on the catch. They're not as easy to acquire and do not provide good enough rewards to warrant a level of attention. They are available in Piscarilius House Fishing Spot if you're in 100% favor. You will need a small fishing rod and sandworms for you to start fishing.

It is a great way to catch them as it can be profitable and also raising. If you want steady method that can provide you with both Minnows , then you're in the right place. It is possible to catch them at the level 82 of fishing using a small fishing net. The only drawback is that you must wear a the full Angler Outfit for catching them.

Similarly as Minnows Similar to Minnows, Dark Crabs can be quite profitable and can generate a decent amount of profit of experience. There's also a disadvantage as these fish can exclusively caught within the Wilderness which is a risk. If you want method like Minnows but without Angler outfit, this might be the best option for you.

At level 65 after completing the single requirement Tai Bwo Wannai trio quest players can capture Karambwan. If you're looking for best money making method while sacrificing experience made - this is the one for you.

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