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Nookazon is also a third-party service website. Allow players to use their services to trade and sell items in the game. The sales service provided by Nookazon is consistent with the service provided by Tom Nook in Animal Crossing New Horizons. As we all know, Tom Nook is an important fictional character in the Animal Crossing series. Because Nook runs Nook's Cranny in the game. In addition, you can also see Nook in the Resident Services Building in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is the scope of Nook's work.



Nook's Cranny service

Nook sells a tent to the player at the beginning of each game. The tent is a low-pressure loan project. If you want to have a more comfortable living environment, players can choose to upgrade their houses after the mortgage is paid off. In addition to the house upgrade process, players need to buy Animal Crossing Bells multiple times. You need a lot of items to create an island. You can buy the saplings, rose seeds, and fishing rods you need at Nook's Cranny. I love kitchenware. If it were me, I would spend 930 bells to buy Dinnerware. Excess items can be sold to Timmy. The bells obtained will be automatically added to your account.


Nook's Cranny service



Acbellsbuy service

Nook's Cranny will sell ordinary items. But if you need more rare furniture or artistic paintings, you need to go to Acbellsbuy to buy. To use Acbellsbuy, Animal Crossing players need to create a personal account. Search for items that Nook's Cranny does not sell, such as Recipes: Winter Limited, Golden Tool Set, Shino, etc. Browse the item page and add items to the shopping cart.  The operation is simple and clear.



Popular animal crossing items can be expensive. If you have an adventurous spirit, players can buy Animal Crossing Items to fly to the mysterious island to explore. According to the community players, you need to fly many times to succeed. The player account must have Nook Miles Tickets to be allowed to fly. If you are a big fan of Acbellsbuy, you will know that Buy Nook Miles Tickets*2000 only costs $4.8. If you still have some doubts, Customer Reviews will give you the most truthful answer.

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