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Animal Crossing: After New Horizons is upgraded to 2.0, there are two ways to allow islanders to visit their homes.



Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update is a large-scale update. The 2.0 version update helps players manage the island more intelligently. Inviting villagers to be guests at home is one of them.



Before the update of Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0, we were unable to invite specific villagers as guests. We players can only wait in the room for the villagers to knock on the door. After upgrading to version 2.0, we can select visitors by ourselves. After inviting guests to the door, we can explore and comment with the villagers. The content of the discussion can be around carefully created furniture in the room, etc. I like every piece of furniture in my room, and I have a lot to discuss with my neighbors. I want to make my island the best. I spent a lot of energy getting a copy of Animal Crossing Island Designs. After the experience, I think Buy ACNH Island Designs is very worthwhile.


Relaxing rest time



1. Impromptu visit

When you are resting in the room, you will hear a knock on the door. The knock on the door indicates that there is a visitor, and the polite villagers will leave a message asking if they can enter the door. Guessing the identity of the visitor is as exciting as flying to a strange island through Buy Nook Miles Tickets. In short. The game details are very realistic.


2. Communicate with villagers

After upgrading to 2.0, when you wander around the island, you will find three dots on the heads of some villagers. There are three dots on their heads that they are thinking. Talking with the thinking villagers can ask them whether they are visiting as a guest. After agreeing, the invitation was successful.


Apart from the villagers' comments on the furniture. Some villagers will also bring small gifts to thank you for your invitation. I use Animal Crossing Gold at the ABLE Sister Shop every day to buy beautiful clothes and put them in my backpack. Choose Buy ACNH Island Designs from ACBellsBuy.com and get 15% off. My backpack can store many gifts. When I meet cute villagers, I will give gifts to the villagers for free.

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