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One of the characteristics of Animal Crossing is that it often surprises players. The surprise this time is Gyroid fragments.

Animals crossing New Horizons once made a dumbfounding mistake. An error in the game system caused a villager to take off all his clothes. I have to say that this will make this villager very embarrassed. After finding out the specific reasons, in addition to specific repairs, the official also brought updates of gyroids and gyroids fragments. Animal Crossing: There are 36 known gyroscopes in New Horizons, and each series has a unique appearance and sound.

On Twitter, many users have begun to notice gyroid fragments on the beaches of their islands. The purpose of these pieces is to help players build Gyroids. Gyroscopes are special small ornaments that can make unique sounds, and they will buzz with the music you play.

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At the beginning of the game, to find Gyroids in Animal Crossing, you must sail with Kapp'n. Kapp'n is a kind of green tortoise, which acts as a driver for various forms of transportation in the Animal Crossing series.  And players can only find Gyroids fragments in specific locations. Kapp'n will take you to the island. In addition to Gyroids fragments on the island, you can also see common fruits and crafting materials. You can take all of these back to your island. Find the gyroscope fragment and take it home, bury it, and water it.

When you water, you will see steam coming out. You can click on your gyroscope the next day. The production of the watering can require specific wood. If you want to get wood, you need to Buy Bells Animal Crossing first and use bells to buy saplings. When the sapling grows up, you can get wood. The gyroscope will dance and sing only when it is in your home. Place the gyroscope on the ground outside. The gyroscope will generate noise. Different colors can also be changed through DIY.

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Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons update adds new Gyroid events. Many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have begun to notice that gyroid fragments seem to start randomly appearing on the beach. At the beginning of the game, the player will pick up the Gyroids fragments through a boat trip. Before the upgrade, the player picked up Gyroids fragments by arriving at different islands. With the new version update, the game rules have undergone unclear changes. It is unclear what this means, but fragments of gyroids now appear to spawn on beaches and elsewhere on the island.

Now players can make Gyroids more easily without having to rely on finding fragments during a boat trip. Gyro fragments are now easier to obtain, and some players may not want to participate in boat trips anymore. Picking up fragments of Gyroids washed up on the beach is one of the easiest ways. But combined with feedback from users and players, it is easier to collect gyroids fragments with the help of Kapp'n. Traveling with Kapp'n requires a lot of bells to purchase mileage tickets. Just like me, go directly to ACBellsBuy.com and choose ACNH Buy Bells. This is the easiest and safest way. If you want to collect all the Gyroids fragments, act now!

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